we exist to....

  • Plant new growing missional DOC churches in urban centers around the U.S. and Canada.
  • To help our denomination transform from “America’s best-kept secret” to a recognized progressive leader of modern Christianity.
  • To evaluate the six vital elements in your new church plant’s strategy:
    1. The Community — Utilizing neighborhood demographics and determining relevance (where’s the best place to plant your region’s new DOC church?)
    2. Making New Disciples — Helping the “nones”/unaffiliated find a spiritual home within the DOC
    3. Staffing/Infrastructure — Creating structure large enough to build a successful community of faith but small enough to be nimble
    4. Mobilizing Missional Movement — Catalyzing a missional movement within your DOC region
    5. Locational Strategy — Ministering to the selected community
    6. Creating Congregationally Independent Revenue Streams — Identifying potential partnerships for financial sustainability
  • To help reimagine and reinterpret the rich traditions of the DOC in new and energizing ways.
  • To identify/recruit new and innovative pastors to the DOC, in an effort to create a pipeline of new life in our regions — in conjunction with Search and Call.

There Is Hope for a Third Awakening